Contained on this   page are comments from pet owners who have worked with both   Dr. Ciribassi and Laura in a collaborative effort to help manage   behavior issues in their pets. They are posted here to help give you a sense   of what we hope to accomplish as a team in working with you and your dog.   Thank you so very much to those who have consented to contribute their   comments regarding our work. We also wish to thank the ones who we do   this for....your best friends.


"We adopted a   wonderful 9-month-old rescued dog, Tucker, an animal with a history of severe   neglect. We found he had separation-anxiety and couldn’t be left alone,   became almost uncontrollable around other dogs, and didn’t know how to follow   commands so that he could enjoy being with us. We took him for   positive-reinforcement-based clicker training with Laura Monaco Torelli,   then consulted Dr. Ciribassi for medication that supported that   training; and a few months later our dog Tucker is even more wonderful – he’s   crate-trained and can be happy by himself for several hours, truly loves   playing with other dogs at public dog parks, and follows a series of commands   that make him a real joy for us. We’ve learned how to understand and teach   him, and he’s learned how to relax and learn; and we couldn’t be more pleased   with Laura’s and Dr. Ciribassi’s help in making our dog part of our   family.


The best part,   Laura, is that all of this is true. Tucker’s a real delight, and that might   not be so much the case without your help.


We hope that we’ll   be able to work with you again.


Hope all is   well."


Scott & Malcolm


"It is amazing   what a little clicker can do for someone’s life.  We were at our wits   end with our German Shepherd and didn’t know where to turn.  I don’t   know if you would call it pure luck or divine intervention, but we were   introduced to Dr Ciribassi and then to Laura   Monaco Torelli.  With their guidance and direction on understanding   how a dog learns with positive training, our world turned around.  Not   only has it changed my dog’s life, but mine too!!!


Ralph & Liz


and of course the   big guy... Karat


p.s. I don't think   the dog world could ask for a better partnership!!!!"


"We had a   terrible time with our dogs behavior.  We tried several different   "trainers" and none of their methods worked and some even scared   the dogs and made their behavior worse!  We became very frustrated not   only w/the dogs, but with the trainers.  Then we discovered Laura.    What a breath of fresh air!!   She was genuinely concerned about   our pets on a holistic level.  She took a medical history, wanted to   know what we were feeding them, their exercise routine, who their Vet was.   She taught us positive reinforcement clicker training and encouraged and   motivated us to use this method without a hint of coercion or pressure. She   gave us a list of books that proved very helpful as well.   She   also taught us to interpret our dog's signals recognizing not only happy,   relaxed behaviors, but also nervous, anxious and potentially dangerous   indicators of behavior.  We quickly noted very positive changes in our   dogs.  Laura is truly a gifted trainer and I know she is a graduate of   the Karen Pryor Academy.  Our female was still aggressive towards our younger   male and so Laura suggested we visit Dr. Ciribassi, an Animal   Behaviorist Veterinarian.  We worked with Dr. Ciribassi and   Laura utilizing both medications and behavior modification training.  We   felt that there could not have been a more concerned team working with our   pets and us.  They were patient, kind, encouraging, sympathetic as well   as professional, creative and most of all positive.  We couldn't have   placed ourselves and our dogs in better hands.  We can wholeheartedly   recommend them to anyone who may be having difficulties.  Truly we feel   blessed, and VERY fortunate to have met and worked with them both."


  Joel, Karen and Sophie


"Two years ago   I adopted a severely traumatized dog who was reactive toward any strange   human as well as any dog in eyesight.  I wasn't making progress with him   and I really didn't know why. Though I'd grown up with dogs, Laura and   Dr. Ciribassi taught me to find and create the signals that I   didn't even realize Arlo was giving me.  They taught me find   and create situations where I could work with Arlo without making   him worse.

Laura and Dr. Ciribassi were in constant communication with each   other and with me to individualize Arlo's treatment plan.    Every time we hit a behavior plateau our plan changed. Our strategies evolved   not only with changes in Arlo's behavior, but with my skill level -   as I continued to learn things I had no idea I didn't know. 

I never would have figured out the skills I'd need to work   with Arlo on my own, and I had no idea how damaging the common   advice can be. I consider myself (andArlo!) incredibly lucky to have found   this team."

Allie & Arlo


Clifford is an   exceptionally loving, but hyper-sensitive and generally fearful male German   Shepherd. I've raised him since he was 3-months-old and smothered him with   love, but I stopped walking him outdoors at about 6-months, because I no   longer felt comfortable or able to control him. He was and still is (we're   working on that now)  animal-aggressive, and then I lost my confidence   in him around strangers too, although there never were any "people"   incidents. I am devoted to him, and him to me, but it also became difficult   at home when the doorbell rang,  so I sought help and fortunately found   Dr. Ciribassi. He evaluated Cliff, calmed me down and introduced the   gentle leader, prescribed medication that didn't produce any unwanted   side-effects whatsoever, and provided many other helpful tools. Next Laura   Monaco Torelli joined our team, and she has been tremendously   successful in teaching me how to introduce a stranger into my home properly   (and her techniques sure do work!), and together we are trying to desensitize   Clifford outside. Also, she has helped me to "speak dog," and   recognize the signs of anxiety so that I can address stressful situations immediately;   that is so helpful! 


To be truthful,   without Dr. Ciribassi and Laura I don't know how our story would   have ended. I am thankful everyday for the support and expertise that I   continue to receive from both of them.