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Chicago Veterinary Behavior Consultants concentrates primarily on the treatment of behavior difficulties in companion animals (primarily dogs and cats). Our goal is to identify problem behaviors and differentiate normal behaviors which are inappropriate for the situation versus abnormal behavior. Diagnosis is based mainly on history, observation of the pet directly or through videotape and any needed laboratory testing (performed either by your veterinarian or at the time of the appointment with our practice).

Dr. John Ciribassi is a board certified behaviorist and Dr. Fiia Jokela is a behavior resident with the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

Typical behaviors which we are presented with include:

·         Anxiety related disorders (such as separation
anxiety) and phobias (thunderstorm and noise phobias).

·         Compulsive Disorders (tail chasing, flank licking, light chasing, etc.).

·         Elimination Problems (Housesoiling, marking, litter box issues)

·         Aggressive Behaviors of Dogs and Cats

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Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants


Animal Behavior Partners   

312-685-abp1 (2271)

Animal Behavior Partners is a collaboration between Laura Monaco Torelli of Animal Behavior Training Concepts and Dr. John Ciribassi and Dr. Fiia Jokela of Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants. This partnership is designed to aid pet owners and veterinarians in simplifying the process of getting behavioral help with their pet.

 Dr. John Ciribassi

Dr. John Ciribassi

 Dr. Fiia Jokela

Dr. Fiia Jokela

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Integrating referring veterinarians within our collaboration will help ensure that physical abnormalities are not the underlying cause for behavioral concerns. Some examples to consider:

·         Your dog may suddenly be displaying aggression due to an ear infection.

·         Your dog may be urinating in the house because of a bladder infection.

So, remember that ALL patients with behavior concerns should ALWAYS be evaluated first by your veterinarian.

Animal Behavior Training Concepts

Animal Behavior Training Concepts was founded and is operated by Laura MonacoTorelli. Laura is Faculty with  Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & BehaviorShe is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), and a Professional Member with APDT(Association of Professional Dog Trainers). She utilizes positive based training techniques incorporating clicker training methodology. Laura and her Training Team offer group sessions and individual consultations based on each families needs with their canine companions. Laura also assists in the implementation of behavior modification protocols instituted by animal behaviorists.

Various Canine Education Programs Offered

·         Pre-adoption guidance

·         Puppy Start Right! (support with mouthing, barking, house and crate training, jumping, socialization, and so much more).

·         Leash Manners (support for choosing the best equipment for you and your canine companion).

·         Introducing family dog to babies and children.

·         Introduction of a new dog to current animals living in your home.

·         Preparation and guidance for grooming and veterinary handling.

·         Individual and group sessions offered.

·         Various seminars offered covering numerous helpful and useful topics.

·         Helping to better understand canine communication methods.

·         Facilitation of referral to behaviorists for aggression and anxiety related behaviors and implementation of treatment programs initiated by behaviorists.

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You can reach our primary website at:Animal Behavior Training Concepts